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Let’s discover the « Parc de Bercy »

Last Sunday, I went to explore the Parc de Bercy. I’d been there once some time ago, but quickly, but I did not think it was so big and there was so much to see! I discovered that the park’s history was linked to wine. We can still see this through the presence of rails, which allowed to carry the wine, but also a former winery.

Jeu de piste dans Paris

Near the park entrance (near Cour Saint Emilion), we can see « Demeure 10 », a sculpture of Etienne Martin, dating from 1968.

Statue Parc de Bercy


The park contains many animals: turtles, ducks, fish, and even a heron. I did not have my zoom, shame!

The presence of buildings along the park reminds us that we are in Paris … Bercy Park is one of the largest in the capital, with 14 hectares, and throughout my trip, I really feel like being in the countryside.

Parc de Bercy


We arrive in the « Lawn », the second garden in the park.

Pont Bercy

In this part of the park, you can find the ruins of the 12th century: at that time the site was covered with swamps, but there were still a few homes.

Ruines du 12ème siècle

I was not the only one to take pictures: do you see the other photographer? :)


We also discover the Orangerie (not to be confused with the Musée de l’Orangerie in the Tuileries Gardens).





The garden also includes a rose garden, I love it! There are more than 95 varieties of roses to discover.


You can also discover a chai (an ancient wine factory). Next to it, there is a garden where kids can learn about nature.

Chai Bercy

Cabane à oiseau

Potager pédagogique

In front, there is a vineyard.



We then leave this garden to reach the third part of the park: the Prairies. Stairs can reach the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, which leads to the Library François Mitterrand.

Vers la BNF

Vers la BNF

Top of the stairs, we discover 21 statues made by Rachid Khimoune and representing 21 children of different countries.


Passerelle BNF


When we go down the stairs, we find a skate park. I stayed a few minutes to watch the skaters but also those who were skating and cycling, it is always impressive and fascinating.


Skate parc de Bercy

Manège de Bercy

And we end with the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy where concerts and sport events take place.



I hope you enjoyed it! I don’t think I am exhaustive, I’m sure there are plenty of other things to see there, but for a first approach, I was super happy :)

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